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Question About US Visa Child Protection Act

William asks…

Am I eligible for the Child Protection Act?

I’ve been on the US since 2003. I am currently on my OPT right now, ’cause I recently just graduated from a nursing school last May under a student visa. To my best knowledge, I believe my parents filed a petition for green card the year of 2007 -either Nov or Dec. I was a few days before of age 21 by then, or had already turned 21. My DOB is Nov. 6, 1986. When my parents filed for the petition, my name was in the list along with my siblings who were under the age of 21. I am not sure if I was included in the petition because the priority date of their petition started May of 2008 and is still on pending until now. It is possible for them to get it approved/disapproved by May of next year (2011) if the processing is still moving as it is at this point (6mos-year within a month or two). Is it possible for me to be under the Child Protection Act immigration law under these circumstances? I am planning on getting a immediate consultation when I have the appropriate money, but at the same time I wanna know from others whether it is possible or not because consultations costs a lot at the same time. I really would appreciate any response relating to my question. Thank you!

P.S. I was never undocumented during my stay in the US.

Best Answer:

Hard to say for sure, but it’s certainly possible that you are still covered on the petition under the CSPA. For one thing, you haven’t told US what sort of petition this is or what country you’re from. But there’s a whole formula for figuring out CSPA eligibility, so no one here’s in a position to say.

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