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Question About US Visa Extension

Susan asks…

US immigrant visa extension. Details attached?

I a granted immigrant visa to USA and validity time is 3 months ie 25/nov/2013 to 25/feb/2014 . Can i ask embassy to extend its validity to 6 months. If so what is the process ??
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Best Answer:

Normally, immigrant visas are issued with a validity of 6 months. If yours was issued for less, there’s a serious reason for that, probably medically related. Did you test positive for TB? When did you take your immigrant physical? In any case, the visa has been printed and unless you can prove to their satisfaction that some mistake was made, even if it’s possible to print a new visa, you’ll have to pay again. If you don’t leave on time with this visa, you’ll probably be able to get a new one, but not without paying, and if your physical or your police clearance have expired, you’ll need to get new ones as well.

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