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Question About US Visa Extension Application

James asks…

B1/B2 extension application and future impact?

My mother came to visit US in May, and will stay here until November (6 months). However, we really need her help with our newborn baby. I am considering a visa extension for another 6 months for my mom. I have a question, will it have bad impact on my mother’s future visa application or entrance to US if the extension is approved or rejected? Will she be not allowed to get a B1/B2 visa or come to US next time? I am not sure if a B1/B2 extension is a big problem? Thank you.

Best Answer:

Extension are always a problem only try to use them when in dire need

first problem you have is your reason…. Loolking after a baby is a payable job …
You mother cannot work in the US

she came to see her grandchild not help
6 months in then 6 months out ..will keep them happy

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