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Lisa asks…

visa extension processing?

i have US tourist visa (B2) and i am authorized to stay until the 30th of dec. im planning to apply for another 6mos. extension. isnt it too late? ive read that i can apply as long as the authorized date isn’t over but i’m confused that the processing might take months. please help.

Best Answer:

It is recommended that you apply 45 days in advance. You can apply before your I-94 expires, and if your application and fee are accepted, you will receive an answer to your application. It could take several months before you get an answer.

You cannot anticipate a favorable decision although applications for extensions of stay are granted every day of the week. Your application will be adjudicated on its own merits.

You need to submit a signed and completed Form I-539 to the CIS service center office that has jurisdiction over your current residence.

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