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Question About US Visa Extension Form

Betty asks…

Immigration Extension Form?

My friend has a green card, since greencard holder can stay outside of the US for no more than one year. He looking to apply for extension so that he can live for over a year and enter back to the states

Thanks for your help

Best Answer:

First of all, Green Cards no longer circulate. The new card is the I-551 Permanent Resident Card. If your friend wants to keep his resident status he should not live outside the US more than 180 days unless he has a reentry permit. The bast place to go is a Port of Entry and talk to a CBP official. Here I hope this helps.

Outside of the USA for more than 180 days:
May be considered as a returning resident:
If out more than 1 year, the alien requires a Reentry Permit or a “SB” Returning Resident visa.

Returning resident aliens are seeking admission into the U.S. If they have:
Abandoned or relinquished that status at any time after gaining such status;
Been absent from the U.S. For a continuous period in excess of 180 days;
Engaged in illegal activity after having departed the U.S.;
Departed the U.S. While under removal proceedings;
Committed a criminal offense in the U.S.

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