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Question About US Visa Extension From Canada

Charles asks…

Overstaying in Canada- Repercussions?

I got married to a Canadian citizen in December last year (I am a US citizen) and came to Canada late February. This was before passports were a must. I am currently filling out the forms to become a landed immigrant, but my in-laws want me to go to Chicago with them when they go next month. I am going to turn in my passport papers tomorrow at the consulate, and should have my passport in time. If I do go to Chicago, will they let me come back to Canada?

Best Answer:

If you want to stay in Canada longer than 6 months, the proper procedure would be to apply for a visit visa extension, see

If you leave and try to come back, since you didn’t have a passport when you came the first time, they may have no idea that you just spent 6 months in Canada and may let you in for another 6. Worst case scenario, they may not let you back in. It’s always up to the immigration officer.

If you have questions about your forms, there’s a helpful immigration forum at

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