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Question About US Visa Extension Processing Time

Mandy asks…

Applying for the extension of my F1 visa?


I am an Indian graduate student in the USA with an F1 visa , which will expire in June 2012.I would like to extend it. Since I don’t go home in the summer, I would like to apply and get the visa in the winter ( December / January ) 2011.My questions are :

1) Can I get a visa this early enough before it expires ?
2) Is this application process for the extension is exactly the same as the first time application process ? Can I apply for it online when I am in the US ?
3) I am coming home ( Kolkata, India ) in the last week of December 2011. Would the embassey be closed then ? So I have to apply only in January ?
4) How long would it take to get an interview date and then gate the ( extended ) visa ?

Thank you !

Best Answer:

Visa are only issued outside of the US

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