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Jenny asks…

what should i do to change my visa status from b-2 to f-1?


I have B-2 visa till end of july and i want to change my status to f-1 visa. but I think that if I can change it I will get my visa just 1 month before school starts. and it will start on September 9th.

I want to know that should i extend my b-2 visa at first and then try to change my visa or not?

I will be thank full if you answer me!


Best Answer:

Well, you can give it a shot. First, you’d have to be accepted, get an I-20 student form and register in SEVIS. At that point, you could file an I-539, assuming you can do this before your B-2 runs out. No guarantee that it will be approved though. But if it is, you have another problem and that is you are only allowed to be in the US on student status for 30 days or less before class starts. So, you’d also have to ask for an extension of your B-2 status as well, or the clock will run out and you won’t be able to use your student status. Check out

When Do I Need to Apply for My Student Visa?

A beginning student who wants an earlier entry into the U.S. (more than 30 days prior to the course start date), must qualify for, and obtain a visitor visa. A prospective student notation will be shown on his/her visitor visa and the traveler will need to make the intent to study clear to the U.S. Immigration inspector at port of entry. Before beginning any studies, he or she must obtain approval for a change to Exchange Visitor status, filing Form I-539, Application for Change of Nonimmigrant Status and pay the fee. Also you must submit the required Form I-20 to the Department of Homeland Security office where the application is made. Please be aware that one cannot begin studies until the change of classification is approved.

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