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Steven asks…

Getting a green card after an f-1 visa?

Okay, so i’ve done some research online because I’m thinking of applying to American Universities (i live in australia) after I graduate from high school. From what i’ve seen, apparently if you apply for an f-1 visa you have the intent to leave after you finish your studies.

But then i’ve also found that you can go on to do OPT which can lead to getting a h1-b visa, then a green card (eventually).

So, I don’t get it. If you’re suppose to go there with the intended effect of leaving after graduation (which i don’t want to do) – is it legal to apply for OPT and then get your work visa and green card? :/ it dosn’t make sense to me.

The only other way I would be able to get a green card is through the diversity lottery program.

Best Answer:

OPT is an extension of student status that allows you to work in a more or less intern like situation after you graduate. So, yes, it is absolutely legal, and is in fact part of the system for many people. The question of whether will leave is a matter of intent at the time you apply. Obviously that’s not so easy to show today, one way or the other on student visas, since you’re usually talking about a 4 year period. So, if you establish that you intend to pursue your course of studies, that’s usually good enough. As for getting an H1B 4 or 5 years from now, if you find some company to sponsor you after you finish your studies, then you can always apply for a change of status to H1B through USCIS. That is also perfectly legal. However, if you leave the US, you would need a valid H1B to return.

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