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Question About US Visa Extension

Donna asks…

US visa/ 1-94 extension?

is it true that if you filed for an extension and approved, there’s a chance that you’ll be questioned on ur future visit?
and btw, are you going to give the NEW i-94 when you leave US? how about the old one?

Best Answer:

Well, if you spent a year in the US the last time you came to the US on a tourist visa and then you come back shortly after you left, yes, I think it would be reasonable to assume you’ll be questioned on return. Most folks can’t spend a year on vacation and tourist visas aren’t issued to live in the US and vacation at home, although there are folks who seem to think so. If the airport inspectors believe that’s what you’re trying to do, they’ll deny you entry, cancel your visa and send you back.

There really isn’t any point in trying to hide your extension. It’s already in the system. If it wasn’t, you’d be subject to deportation. And it really wouldn’t be in your interest to pretend you didn’t get an extension on return, even if you could. . If they believed that, again you’d be denied entry and sent home for violating your visa. Regardless of what I-94 card you turn in, your actual date of exit will be in the system.

Don’t try to game the system. It’s not likely to work and it will make it more likely that you won’t be allowed back in.

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