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Question About US Visa Fees Ghana

Mary asks…

how much is visa or ticket fee from Ghana to U.S.A.?

Best Answer:

If this is regarding someone you met online you cannot send them money for any reason or they will not get a visa. To get a visa to the US the applicant needs to show they are in full time legal employment, own their own home, and have 6 months of pay stubs and original bank statements proving they have enough money to cover ALL travel expenses (flight, visa, transportation, medical, insurance, food, spending money, etc) without any outside assistance. If you have ever sent them money their visa will always be rejected as that shows they are not financially independent and are at high risk of overstaying

If you are asking for yourself a tourist visa costs $140 and a flight depends on too many factors – where in the US you are going, the dates you are flying, how far in advance you book the ticket, etc, etc. Look on, expedia or any other price comparison site for the dates you wish to travel and the destination city in the US to get an estimate on prices

If you want to pay for anyones plane ticket give them the money AFTER they are in the US. Never send to anyone or their travel agent or their visa application will be denied. The applicant needs to prove to the US Embassy they have enough money to pay for their flight and all other travel expenses.

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