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Donna asks…

Transit visa while traveling from Jamaica to India?

A friend of mine is to travel from Jamaica to India in a month. He is an Indian citizen.
He needs to know if he would require a transit visa when traveling from Jamaica to India as there are no direct flights from Jamaica (MBJ) to India (BOM).
Please can you help in answering this question, lets assume he would be traveling either via US or Germany (Frankfurt)
just to make the question more specific..

he has to travel from Montego Airport (Jamaica) to Frankfurt & from Frankfurt, further to India.

I believe he would require Airport transfer Visa (Transit Visa), however if someone could advise the procedure and documents needed for the same..

Thanks in advance

Best Answer:

Yes, a transit visa is required in both cases.

Edit: [based on additional details]

Documents required for an Airport Transit Visa application:
• the Schengen Visa Application Form (either duly filled online and printed out and signed or downloaded and duly filled out and signed) ..
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• two passport pictures according to biometric specifications
• the visa fee (€60) to be paid in cash (US$)
• a valid passport with an expiration date that exceeds the intended transit dates by at least 3 months.
• a valid visa for the final destination (if required)
• a confirmed flight reservation to final destination
• a copy of all original documents submitted with the application
• a self-addressed and properly stamped envelope if you want the passport to be mailed
• a declaration/disclaimer if you want the passport to be mailed,property=Daten.pdf ..

The visa must be applied for in person at the Consular Section of the German Embassy, 10 Waterloo Road, Kingston, monday through friday 08:30 – 11:30am.

The Airport Transit Visa only suffices if your friend has his baggage checked-through and stays within the International Transit Area of the Frankfurt airport. Should he need to pick-up his baggage and check in with another airline he will need a tourist visa since he would actually need to enter the country. The application form and the fee are the same, however additional supporting documentation may be required in this case.
Http:// ..

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