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Mark asks…

is there a website that clearly details US citizens visa options for each country ?

So the whole visa thing for each country is kind of confusing because there are so many different types and rules for each country. I’m wondering if there’s a site that basically organizes visa types and rules for a lot of countries? I’m planning on a very long vacation, and am confused about some of my options, and would like a more user friendly way to figure out rather than a lot of confusing researching. Thanks 🙂

Best Answer:

No, there is not. You will need to find out yourself for each individual country.
Http:// ..

Visa-free tourist travel to [d=days; m=month(s)]:
Albania (90d, €10 entry-fee); Andorra¹ (90d); Antigua & Barbuda (1m); Anguilla (3m); Argentina (3m, $140 entry-fee, valid for 10 years); Aruba (30d); Austria¹ (90d); Bahamas (3m); Barbados (6m); Belgium¹ (90d); Belize (1m); Bermuda (6m); Bosnia & Herzegovina (90d); Botswana (90d); Brunei Darussalam (90d); Bulgaria (90d); Canada (6m); Cayman Island (6m); Chile (90d, reciprocity charge $140, valid until passport expires); Chinese Taipei (30d); Colombia (90d); Cook Islands (31d); Costa Rica (90d); Croatia (90d); Curacao (3m); Cyprus (90d); Czech Republic¹ (90d); Denmark¹ (90d); Dominica (6m); Dominican Republic (1m, Tourist Card, $10); Ecuador (90d); El Salvador (3m); Equatorial Guinea; Estonia¹ (90d); Falkland Islands; Fiji (4m); Finland¹ (90d); France¹ (90d); French Guinea (3m); French Polynesia (3m); French West Indies (3m); FYRoMacedonia (90d); Georgia (360d); Germany¹ (90d); Gibraltar; Greece¹ (90d); Grenada (3m); Guatemala (90d); Guyana (3m); Haiti (3m); Honduras (3m); Hong Kong (3m); Hungary¹ (90d); Iceland¹ (90d); Ireland (90d); Israel (3m); Italy¹ (90d); Jamaica (6m); Japan (90d); Kiribati (30d); Korea, South (3m); Latvia¹ (90d); Lesotho (14d); Liechtenstein ¹ (90d); Lithuania¹ (90d); Luxembourg¹ (90d); Macao (30d); Malawi (90d); Malaysia (3m); Malta¹ (90d); Marshall Islands; Mauritius (60d); Mexico (180d); Micronesia (30d); Moldova (90d); Monaco¹ (90d); Mongolia (90d); Montenegro (90d); Montserrat (3m); Morocco (3m); Namibia (3m); Netherlands¹ (90d); New Caledonia (3m); New Zealand (3m); Nicaragua (90d); Niue (30d); Norway¹ (90d); Palau (1year); Panama (180d); Peru (183d); Philippines (21d); Poland¹ (90d); Portugal¹ (90d); Reunion (3m); Romania (90d); Rwanda (90d); San Marino¹ (90d); Senegal (3m); Serbia (90d); Singapore (90d); Slovak Republic¹ (90d); Slovenia¹ (90d); South Africa (90d); Spain¹ (90d); St. Kitts & Nevis (3m); St. Lucia (6w); St. Vincent & the Grenadines (1m); Swaziland (30d); Sweden¹ (90d); Switzerland¹ (90d); Thailand (30d); Trinidad & Tobago (90d); Tunisia (4m); Turks & Caicos Islands (30d); Ukraine (90d); United Kingdom (6m); Uruguay (3m); Vanuatu (30d); Vatican City¹ (90d); Venezuela (90d). The initially granted period of stay is extensible for some countries. [¹ = the 90 days of stay (per semester) apply to the entire Schengen area (25 European countries + 5 micro-states surrounded by Schengen countries)]

Visa on arrival are available without prior arrangements required for:
Armenia (120d, AMB15,000 [~$50]); Bahrain (14d, BHD5 [~$14]); Bangladesh (90d, $51); Bolivia (90d, $135); Burkina Faso (1m, single entry XOF95,000 [~$215], multiple entry XOF122,000 [~$276]); Cambodia (30d; $20); Cape Verde (€25 [~$37]); Central African Republic (7d; XAF20,000-30,000 [~$45-68]); Comores; Djibouti (1m, DJF10,000 [~$59]); Egypt (30d, $15); Ethiopia ($20-$100 based on length of stay and type of visa; Indonesia (30d, $25); Jordan (JOD20 [~$29]); Kenya (3m, $50); Kosovo (90d, tourist voucher or hotel reservation required); Kuwait (3m, KWD5 [~$19]); Kyrgystan (up to 1m, $40-$100 based on length/type); Laos (30d, $35); Lebanon (3m, LBP50,000-100,000 [~$34-$68], POC required); Madagascar (90d, MGA140,000 [~$74]); Maldives (30d, extensible for MVR750 [~$60]); Mozambique (30d, $66); Nepal (up to 90d, $25-$100 based on length of stay); Oman (1m, OMR20 [~$54]); Papua New Guinea (60d, PGK100-500 [~$46-$232]); Qatar (up to 1m, QAR50-150 [~$14-$42]); Samoa (60d, entry permit on arrival); Seychelles (1m, free, extensible); Solomon Islands (3m); Sri Lanka (30d, free); Tanzania ($50-$200, based on length of stay and number of entries); Timor Leste (30d, $30); Togo (7d); Tonga (31d, free); Turkey (3m, $20 or €15); Tuvalu (1m); Uganda ($50-$200 based on length of stay and type of visa); United Arab Emirates (30d, free); Zambia (90d, $135; Zimbabwe (3m, $30) ..

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