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Question About US Visa Fees Receipt Number

Michael asks…

No Receipt Number for I-485?

Hi All,
I have filed my I-140 for which i have received a receipt Number, and the status is pending. I also filed I-485 for which i have not received a receipt number yet, i was wondering if i could travel to India and come back without hurting my I-485. I currently have a H1-B visa which is valid till 2009…..Please HELP as its really important?

Best Answer:

I wouldn’t worry too much about not having a receipt number for the I-485 just yet. I have heard that the USCIS has been inundated with applications in recent months because of Summer Weddings between US citizens and their foreign born spouses, and because the fees for filing with the USCIS were hiked up on July 1st so a lot of people filed before this date in order to beat the increase. I have been told that the USCIS is telling people to wait 90 days for their receipt number before enquiring with them.

I believe that if you left the country while your I-485 is being processed the USCIS would consider the application abandoned and you’d have to re-apply. In order to leave the US and come back in you need to file an I-131 Application for Advance Parole which, should take 90 days to process. However, I am not sure if your H-1B would negate this. I have found to be a really helpful website and the forums have helped me to understand immigration issues as they apply to me.

Good luck!

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