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Question About US Visa Fees Refund

Lizzie asks…

tax refund to be paid back to company?

I have come to US on L1 visa. My company is asking to return any tax refund that I receive from IRS to the company. Here is what my company says:
As an employee on an international assignment with XXX, Company will fully fund your US income tax liabilities. You are only responsible for India income taxes. XXX will also subsidise your income tax preparation fees via our Company provided authorised tax service provider. Once your US federal and state income tax returns are completed and filed, any US tax balances due will be made by XXX.

In the event that your US federal and/or state tax return indicates a refund of taxes paid, these funds will be due back to the Company, since they made the tax payment on your behalf.

Is it a valid statement made by company ? How can they ask me to give them back any tax refund that I get. Please advise.

Best Answer:

Sounds to me like you’re getting scammed.

See, a tax refund, if any, is because YOU overpaid your taxes for that year. It is YOUR money.

Now, if they’re not paying your taxes, then why should they get your tax refund?

Do your taxes from a company that is not theirs. I don’t know, just sounds like a scam to me!

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