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Helen asks…

US Spousal visa? Fees and stuff? Any experiences?

so my fiance is a UK citizen and we’re still considering where to live, so obviously the US is an option. We have found plenty of stuff on UK spousal visas for me, but not much straight forward info on US spousal visas (visa for him). Any help much appreciated!

Best Answer:

So, where are the two of you? That does make a big difference. If he’s already in the US, then filing a fiance visa won’t help, but you would need to file an I-130 immigrant petition through USCIS once you did marry. If you’re both in the UK or somewhere else outside of the US, you may be able to file directly at the embassy, but you’d need to check on that. However, it would save a great deal of time. If he’s in the UK and you are in the US, you could file either an I-129f fiance petition now, or an I-130 immigrant petition after you marry, however, that will take a considerable amount of processing time, a year or more. Check out for more information and downloadable forms or if you are overseas, check with the DHS office in London or the immigrant visa section elsewhere.

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