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Question About US Visa Income Requirements

Lisa asks…

K-1 Visa requirements?

Does a K-1 (Fiance) visa require proof of the U.S. spouses income? and if so what if the spouse is currently not working at the moment? can a co-sponsor then step in on behalf of the the U.S citizen spouse? What is the procedure in a case like this? Answers would be great thanks!

Best Answer:

The US government needs to make sure that no foreigner who intends to immigrate to the United States will become a burden to the American people. For that very reason an Affidavit of Support is mandatory. Frankly, the requirement of 125% of the poverty level is so ridiculously low that even somebody who is temporarily without employment should meet it. In addition, if the income isn’t sufficient, the balance can be made up by assets at the ration of 1-to-3.

What that means is that if you need $18,912 in income, yet have only worked a few months and have made only $8,912 in 2011, then you can make up the missing $10K by having assets in the amount of $30K. If you are planing to import a future wife to the United States and take care of her, meaning wedding cost, getting her a car, insurance, etc., that’s an amount you should have in savings anyway.

If you are not making even 125% of the poverty limit and don’t have enough assets, then you are in no position to sponsor another person. In that case you should find a job, save money, buy a home, and when your own house is in order look for a suitable spouse. Little hint: we have 312 million people living in the U.S.; if you can find a spouse among such a pool, you most likely will not find a serious spouse anywhere but only somebody who is looking for a ticket to the United States which is exactly what Uncle Sam tries to prevent from happening.

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