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Question About US Visa Income Tax Return

Thomas asks…

What is income tax return?

Does tax return means taking back some of the paid tax? I am an international student. In my country, people pay 10% of their salary monthly for tax and that’s all. So, I don’t really get what people mean by “Income tax return“. Please help!!!!!!!!!!

Best Answer:

Like everyone else said, an income tax return is the paperwork you must file with the US government to determine your US income tax liability. Because you’re an international student, my guess is that you will need to file a form 1040NR (non-resident return) for any income that you earned while in the United States. (I’m assuming that you have either a J or F visa.) As a non-resident of the United States, you will only pay US income tax on money that you earned in the US. You will not owe US tax on money you may have earned in your home country. (If you were considered to be a US resident, you would pay tax on your worldwide income.)

Many people say “tax return” when they actually mean the phrase “tax refund.” A tax refund is when you get money back from the government because you have paid more into the system than what was owed.

Because you are an international student, it makes sense to get some professional help if you need to file a return. Many countries have treaties with the United States concerning the taxation of its people. Make sure you hire someone who is experienced with non-resident returns that will claim any treaty benefits you may be entitled to.

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