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Laura asks…

embassies and consulate US F-1 visa interviewing.?

I remember once asking if a students F-1 could be refused on the bases of the school not being famous or being a community college status and the yahoo embassy and consualte officers rightly tell me its NEVER like that,and there is no discrimination to once collegeg as long as it can issue an I-20 and its accredited,but i was soooooooo stunned when a collegue of mine went for an F-1 visa interview and was just refused on the bases that Old Dominion University in Virginia a private university is not an Ivy League school. Is this really accepated or part of the code of ethics or the modus operandi of the US consulates?the officer saaid he had no problem but just bcos the college is not an Ivy leaguy school.On that unfair instance what can he do?What else can students like me who want to enter a community college do?Why is there soooo much discrimination in issuing F-1 visas?Why are this Ivy league schools uphold soo much by this consular officers,does every american attend an Ivy league

Best Answer:

I find it very unlikely that a person would be turned down on a student visa application simply because he was accepted by Old Dominion University. I think it’s even less likely that the consular officer would actually say that openly as his reason for the decision. Maybe your friend couldn’t tell the officer why he decided to apply there. There are many thousands of foreign students here attending non-Ivy League schools, including community colleges. That’s not to say that indiviual officers might look at students attending smaller schools in out of the way places at bit harder. But if the applicant can tell the officer why he wants to attend a particular school and explain what he intends to study and why, he’s much more likely to be approved than if he can’t explain why he applied to some small school in rural Idaho.

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