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Sandy asks…

US consulate F-1 visa interview?

To be really assured one passes an F-1 visa infront of a consular officer,what are the tips in passing this kind of interview?What are some various reasons that will prevent the Consular officer from approving one an F-1 visa into the US to further his/her education?

Best Answer:

The really is no way to assure that you are granted an F-1 visa at your interview.

All you can do is be prepared for any questions which you may be asked and answer them honestly. Make sure you have filled in all of the forms correctly. Bring all of the required documentation – I-20 and receipt of SEVIS payment.

Don’t forget to bring all the necessary evidence to support your case also, things like: bank statements, bank books and proof of your ties to your home country.

The latter is very important as the most common reason for any visa denial (not just F1) is to be denied under section 214(b) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). To read about this click the link below.


Just remember that the interview is not a test, the purpose is to make sure you are of good moral character, that your intentions to study in the United States are legit and to determine if you will return home upon completion of your studies.

Good luck!

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