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Question About US Visa Interview For Parents

Carol asks…

How do I get US Visas for my parents and siblings?

I am a US Citizen and I want to have them visit me here. I know about petitioning green cards for them, but they just need a visa. how hard is it for them to get a visa if I’m a US citizen? do they just go to the US embassy and put my name on their visa application?

Best Answer:

It depends very much on where they are from. Citizens of certain countries don’t need a visa to come visit the US. It’s called the Visa Waiver Program and if I’m not mistaken 19 countries are members. You can find out which by Googling “visa waiver countries”.

If the country your family is from in not a member of the visa waiver program they need to get a visitors visa to visit the US. To get one they have to contact the closest American embassy or consulat to get an application. After they sent in the application with supporting evidence, like a police record, they will be called for an interview. After the interview they will find out if their visa is approved. If it is they can stay in the US for six months.

In order to be approved they have to convince the embassy that they will not stay in the US when they come here. To do that they will have to show that they have strong ties in their own country to make them want to return. If the embassy supects that they may plan to stay in the US they will deny the application. However, if your family just want to visit you and plan to go back home they shouldn’t have a problem. For most people it’s not that hard to get a visitors visa.
It may help if you write a letter of invitation but it’s not necessary. Your family should mention that they want to come and visit you but it doesn’t matter if you are a US citizen or not.

Here is some more info about visitors visas. Http://

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