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Michael asks…

Toefl Scores and US student visa interview….?

Hey guys.. I have a US student visa interview coming up in a couple of days. I took Toefl in Dec’07 and scored 108 on the IBT version. However, my score report got lost in the mail and then I arranged for it to be sent again but still I didnt get it. I want to know if I can take the printed-out scores to the interview. It does say on the I-20 that I have the required level of english proficency. You think it’s good enough ?

Best Answer:

Take your print out of your scores with you while awaiting the mail to be re-sent. The required level of English proficiency is not all that high. Unless your scores are near-equal with a college-educated native speaker, college is going to be tough.

There’s not only the routine read-write-speak of ordinary living but technical stuff in great quantities. Even very proficient speakers I’ve talked to have a lot of trouble keeping up with note-taking in class lectures, and writing the term papers are sheer H—.

Get in any sort of practice you can — listen to any English-language TV or radio programs, news, etc. You can pick up and write notes as they speak. Discouraging as all get out for at least the first week, but it helps more than you can imagine.

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