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Question About US Visa Interview Process

Linda asks…

About The Process after winning Green Card, But before the Visa interview?

I am a green card winner(2010) from Sri Lanka.
I got my winning letter last June, 2010 from Kentucky Consular Center of Department of State.
I confirmed that I have been selected through the official site of DV Green Card lottery.

I have done my high school 2006. This is the reason that I have been selected.
Actually I sent the completed all documents today (12.08.2009).

I have some important questions and vital details to know from you.

1). Am I late to submit my completed documents to KCC?
2). I have a relation(Not near relation) who is resident in USA. But he is willing to sponsor for me.
But I would like to know what kind of form he has to send me or what he must do?
3). Also what kind of document I must submit to the date of VISA interview.
Specially I am a student now. So is it compulsory to show the documents regarding future studies in USA?
4) Should I show my financial details in the VISA interview date?
If that is the case, how much should my dad’s have in his bank account?
5) And the important details I must know.

I will be glad you if anyone can send me these information as soon as possible.

Thank you

Best Answer:

To begin with, you haven’t actually won a green card yet. That will be determined at the visa interview. Not every winner is actually qualified for a visa. However, you won’t get the green card until after you get the visa and actually go to the US. It’s not too late although it’s a bit difficult to say as you seem to be a bit confused on dates as you couldn’t have received a notice on June 2010. Your relation in hte US can file an I-864 affidavit of support for you, but you would take it to the interview, not to KCC. That’s available on line at in the form section. You will get a list of things you’ll need for the interview. You’ll need to get an immigrant physical, you’ll need to get police clearance from Sri Lanka and other things. You definitely need to bring proof of your education. It’s not compulsory to show your future study plans in the US. This is not a student visa. Financial details, well it won’t hurt, but the I-864 may actually prove more useful.

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