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Question About US Visa Interview Questions

Mark asks…

US F1 visa interview?

Best Answer:

When you go to the embassy or consulate be calm. Make sure you have all your documents with you. Your affidavit of support, your bank statement, your I-20, your high school certificate, birth certificate, etc. Turn those in to the consular.

He will ask you what you are going to study.
(State whatever degree indicated on your i-20)

He might ask you why you can’t study that degree in your own country.
(Because the US has advanced medical technology, I will learn advanced computer skills, etc that I can’t get here in my country)

He might also ask you if you know anyone in the US or intend to stay forever in the US.
(I intend to return after I complete my bachelors degree.) I do not have any family. I have a distant aunt in another state.

He will ask a few basic questions verifying the info on your documents. Examples:

Who is your sponsor?
My father.

Where will you live?
On campus, or, I intend to rent a small room in somebodys house, or, I intend to rent a small apartment with some roommates.

So don’t be nervous. All in all it is a pretty simple interview. Good luck.

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