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Jenny asks…

B2/M1 American visa question?

My friend and I are going travelling for a year around the world with the intention of staying in USA for 5-6 months, we have sufficent funds and round the world flights proving that we will leave the USA at the end of our trip. I will be applying for the B2 visa which is quite straight forward I hear. However my friend has the intention of doing his PPL (private pilots licence) as it is very cheap in the USA, unfortunaltey the M1 visa that he requires only lasts for 4 months and this is not long enough for US. I was wondering if he could enter the country on either a B2 visa or the visa waver program and apply for the M1 visa when already in USA. The flying school are happy to issue and I10 visa for him. Your thoughts are much very much appricated.

Best Answer:

Visas are only issues outside of the US

getting a B-2 is difficult for young people if they can use the visa waiver .
.you dont give your country

Students wishing to enter the United States for flight training will need an M-1 student visa or an F-1 student visa. The U.S. Consulate at the U.S. Embassy nearest the students’ residences in their home countries is where they need to go to apply for the visa. Students must also study at an FAA Part 141-approved school.

“The U.S. Flight training school must be authorized by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to issue the M-1 student visa form, called the I-20. This I-20 plus additional information (detailed below) must be presented to the visa officer at the time of the student’s visa interview at the U.S. Consulate. This M-1 visa will allow the student to study for and achieve a private pilot certificate, commercial pilot certificate, instrument rating, multiengine rating and/or the three flight instructor ratings.


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