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Question About US Visa Interview Waiver

Linda asks…

What happens at the visa interview?

When my husband is scheduled for the visa interview at Ciudad juarez what do they ask for?? If he takes the I-601 does he need someone to represent him or can he ask for a pardon on his own? How long will he be in mexico before they issue his visa??
He has been in the US since 1998, we married in 2007 and have 2 kids, i am a citizen.

Best Answer:

Hi! I’m not an expert on CJ cuz my hubby and I are filing through Guatemala. But I am a member of and have learned quite a bit about CJ as should check it out!

At the visa interview they will tell your husband that he is ineligible for a visa but that you can file the I-601 waiver. They will probably also ask him some questions about your relationship and things like that! He needs to bring with him the sealed envelope from the medical exam and usually that’s it if they havent requested anything else. Have you turned in police certificates from Mexico?? If not he will need those as well.
After the visa interview I believe you can call after 24 hours to make an your waiver appt…right now they are scheduling about 2 months out.
Then at the waiver appt. He will just turn in the waiver and you will be told to wait for a decision. Mexico’s process is different then any other in country in that you can get an immediate approval within a few days or you are backlogged in which case it is taking about 12-15 months for a decision.
I would recommend going to where there are sample approved I-601 waivers that you can read to make sure yours is what it should be. Good luck to me if you have any questions!

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