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Lisa asks…

Help! What visa does my husband need to come to the USA?

I know this question has been answered in various ways, but I desperately need some direction.

My husband, baby, step-daughter and I live in Mexico. We want to move to the US this July. I’m wanting to file the I-130 form for him so we can get his K3 visa and his daughter’s K4. Will we have enough time? Do I need to file for both of them?

Would it be better to enter into the country as tourist and then send in the I-130 form? Are there any other visa options? I’m really concerned that we won’t be able to get his visa in time. It’s so frustrating to have to go through so much paperwork. Any knowledge you have will be appreciated.

Best Answer:

You do not need to file a petition for a child for the K-4. The K-4 is a derivative of the K-3. An I-130 will though need to be filed in the US in order for the child to adjust status. So you can file an I-130 for the child when you file your husbands so you have a head start on this.

I wouldn’t count on July. You are looking at approx 4 months just to have the petition approved and forwarded to the Embassy in Juarez. Sometimes it can be quicker, sometimes longer.

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