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Thomas asks…

I am a US Citizen married to an Indian Girl? What immigration forms will i need to file at the delhi Consulate

We have been blessed with a baby girl and I was planning to go to the Delhi Consulate to apply for my wifes immigration along with obtaining a US passport for my daughter. What Immigration forms do i use to get my family to the US and how long does the whole process take? Will I go with the K3 or K4 visa category and will I need forms I-134 and DS 156 along with the medical certificates and the police reports? Please advise.

Best Answer:

I Just finished helping my sister and her husband with a case like yours. If you’re a US citizen that’s a very great thing, your daughter, regardless of where in the world she was born or where she resides, if she is under the age of 18, she is automatically a US citizen. The first thing you need to do is to petition for them through the USCIS. Go to WWW.USCIS.GOV, click on immigration forms, download and complete forms I-130(Petition for alien relative), G-325(Biographic Information) and I-864(Affidavit of support). There is a $190 fee(money order) for the I-130, the G-235 and I-864 are free . The forms come with instructions & tells what documents you need for evidence of your relationship such as, copies of your marriage certificate, birth certificates, tax return documents and naturalization certificate if your were not born in the US. Print and follow the instructions, complete the forms, submit the required documents, It is very important that you follow their directions. If any required document is missing and cannot be replaced, indicate that to uscis, they may have alternatives. You don’t even need a lawyer you can do this yourself. I did it for my sister, she just got her green card in march. Good Luck. If you have anymore questions, email me at

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