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Lisa asks…

US Diversity Visa Lottery – High school dropout with a Masters degree?

Looking at the eligibility requirements for the DV Lottery it states that applicants must have ‘at least’ a high school education. I dropped out of high school and gained a my degree and graduate degree in my 20s (it’s common to do so for dropouts in Europe once they pass entrance tests etc.). Anyway my question is, as I don’t have a high school diploma but do have education qualifications in excess of diploma level, am I eligible to apply for the program? Or must I have a high school diploma regardless of how far in excess of that my education went? Thanks!

Best Answer:

High school education is the minimum requirement. If you have dropped out of high school, have done an occupational/vocational training of two or three years, have gathered work experience of at least two years, and have afterwards studied and have gotten your degrees and have graduated you for sure are entitled to apply for the DV. For the application you only must provide information of the highest level of education you have reached: in your case Masters degree (8) ..

The only European country not eligible for application is the United Kingdom (Great Britain only).

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