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Laura asks…

why is illegal immigration a big issue?

I know part of it is that illegal immigrants can be a burden on tax paying Americans. But if they just modified the system slightly it would no longer be a problem.Why can’t the government just have these people register as being illegal, but have a job in the US? Why try to kick out people who are looking for honest work? Why not just let them stay, but tell them they have to register and if they are found to be involved in criminal activity (gangs, murder, violence, sexual abuse, etc.) they will be kicked out.I know a lot of what they make is under the table and therefore they do not get taxed. Why not just tell them that they can work here but put a cap on how much they can make per year? And how many hours they can work? (all based off of statistics on how many illegal immigrants are in the US). So Americans will still get a fair amount of hours. And maybe even limit the jobs an illegal immigrant can take. Then, if they go through legal processing later on tell them all restrictions will be lifted. They could create a fair minimum wage just for illegal immigrants. That way they would pay into taxes just the same as a normal American person. They could also give them low cost housing in certain parts of the city.The apartments would be pretty small, but would probably be safer than where some of them are living and nicer conditions too. The government could put some simple restrictions on these people and it would no longer be an issue.
It seems like they are already here anyways. And they are already stealing from tax payers. They’re not paying taxes, and using up many resources that Americans have to pay for. At least if the government could create a way were they aren’t making money under the table it would help with some of the burden placed on Americans. Many of them use up our medical resources for free, our public education for free, the list goes on.It’s probably part of the reason why taxes are so high. If they were paying taxes it would no longer be free for them. Right now it just seems like they are doing almost whatever they want. At least if there were regulations it would be somewhat controllable.

Best Answer:

Ent path to citizenship for agricultural workers.

Changes to family, employment and other visa categories with an emphasis on family unity for immediate family members, green cards for STEM graduates and highly skilled people, and scrapping of the Diversity Visa Lottery.

To improve the employment verification system.

To have a better system to provide visas to employees in different low-skill employment categories.

A lot of studies and polls show that the general American population is in favor of the immigration reforms. The Republicans however want to handle this piece meal and not as comprehensive reforms. They want to address the border security issues first. Only when this is taken care of, do they feel, that legalizing the undocumented would make sense.

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