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James asks…

Emigrating to the US….?

My family and I are thinking about moving to L.A but I’m finding all the information about getting visas etc conflicting and confusing! Is there anyone who has emigrated successfully who has any tips? Both my partner and I are working and we have a 6 yr old son. I will be starting university next year but if I can get a visa without my degree, I would like to go sooner rather than later!!

Best Answer:

To legally move to the US you will need a Green Card.
You can get them by:

* immigration through a family member
* immigration through employment
* immigration through investment
* immigration through the Diversity Lottery
* immigration through “The Registry” provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act

I think the easiest way would be thought employment. Unless you have parents, spouses or children there.

Here’s some more info on Green Cards. Http://

And mam welcome to America. And good luck.

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