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Question About US Visa Medical Exam Australia

Sandy asks…

How strict is the health requirement to immigrate to australia?

Has anyone been through the medical required and knows just how strict they are with regard to allowing new immigrants?

Best Answer:

When my husband was applying for his visa our one concern was the medical exam.My husband has polycysitic kidney disease and we thought that it might affect his chances of getting his visa approved.My husband and I decided to was for the best to be very honest about and we went to our own g.p first and she gave US his full medical history to give to the doctor that was to do the medical exam.The doctor that he saw for his medical exam said that it was o.k. And appreciated that my husband was honest about it ,but the doctor had said that if he had said he had T.B before that it could have been a different story.I think that if you are concerned about condition that you may have,be honest about it as the medical exam is very thorough,but at the end of the day they are only concerned with a few different diseases.

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