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Chris asks…

US Marine to marry a non US citizen?

My boyfriend is an US marine and I am a British Citizen. Currently he is doing an embassy duty therefore he is out of the United States. He would like to get married before moving to his next duty. Since I reside in the UK, I would like to know, where is the best place for US to get married. The UK? The US? or the country where he is currently in? Furthermore, I would like to know what type of things we should be thinking about e.g. what type of applications do we have to make? Forms?
We have about 1 year left.
Thank you
Dear all
Thank you so much for the information. I am very grateful. You have given me enough information for me to continue with my research.

Thank you

Best Answer:

Is best to marry in the UK as getting a fiance visa to marry in the US can take years.

If what you want is a quick wedding in Europe, I suggest Denmark, where you only need a 3 day stay and very little paperwork, He will NEED permission from his commanding officer to marry in Denmark. If you have time to get married in the UK, by all means do, but if time is of essence, Denmark is your best bet.


there are many agencies that arrange weddings in Denmark, it will make things easy for you guys:

After the wedding, marriage certificate in hand, you can start processing your US resident visa from the nearest American embassy in the UK.


It is a lengthy and expensive process. You will be required to get immunizations, medical exams at the doctors of their choosing, criminal back ground checks will be done, pictures and several interviews before giving you a final decision. The average waiting time is 12-18 months for you to get a green card. Set aside $1000 USD for paperwork and fees.

Visit their official website:

All the forms are there, all the information is there, Visit the FAQ section. They also have a 1-800 number you can call to speak to someone about it.

The form that you need is the I-130. There is a Military Help line on the uscis, check at the bottom of their home page for the link

Good luck and congratulations!

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