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Richard asks…

Pl.mention best private medical college in Philippines for doing MD(equivalent to MBBS)by Indians?

And also top rated passing colleges and success rate of MCI’s screening test and USMLE

Best Answer:

You’re Indian citizen? You really must go to med school & earn your mbbs in India. You must pass India’s medical exams, and you can only practice there. Of Indians who study in India, 40% fail India’s exams. Of those who study abroad, the failure rate is nearly double that! Many study independently for years and still repeatedly fail those exams. If you want to be a doctor, go to school in India.

Of those few who ever make it to Phase 3 of USMLE, barely half ever pass. There are not enough hospital residencies for all the Americans who graduate from US med schools anymore. NO needs for foreign doctors, and hospitals won’t pay for visas, etc, when they have more Americans to choose from than there are places for them. Hospitals are laying off staff like crazy at every level from attendings to janitors. Obummercare has devastated US medical industry. Medicine is NOT any path to immigration to US. No-go for Canada, Australia, etc, anymore either. Your only opportunities lie in India.

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