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Question About US Visa Medical Exam Requirements

George asks…

What are the medical exam requirements for Kenyan citizens entering the U.S.?

For a student coming to study at a university in America from Nairobi. What can they expect from a medical examination?

Best Answer:

The US Embassy or Consulate delivering the visa will let you know that, and you can probably find the info on the Nairobi US Embassy’s website.
Basically you can be prepared to show that your vaccination book is up to date with Tetanus, MMR and so on. Then they will probably request a blood test to test for Siphylis and HIV and a lungs X Ray for Tuberculosis check.
It’s very easy, don’t worry. The only thing is that the US will probably emand that you go to a nassermetned Dr by the US Embassy and the Embassyc an provide you with the list of approved Dr for thatt medical examination.

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