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Question About US Visa Medical Exam Requirements

Sandy asks…

Medical School in Ireland?

I am planning on gaining my Bachelor’s Degree in Biology with emphasis on Pre-Med here in the US and then go to medical school in Ireland. As I am looking on the websites, there are Undergrad and Post-grad. I think I would apply for undergrad, but I am not sure. Would I? Also, with the requirements, they have weird educational requirements. For medical school here, you must have a bachelors degree and have a 3.0 gpa in sciences; there, it says one must have a HII3 in chemistry and weird stuff like that. Also, when I move there, do I do dual citizenship, become a citizen, or just get a student visa? And I would probably end up taking out student loan, would it be best to take one out in Ireland or here in the US? Lastly, what are huge differences between America and Ireland, like legally and government? I don’t want to go there and accidentally do something illegal.
ALSO, is a Bachelor’s in medicine in Ireland the same thing as an M.D. or D.O. here in the US? And how do I know if my degree will be able to be used here in the US?

Best Answer:

Those are the Irish requirements. Other countries have different educational systems

You would get a student visa

As an international student you can’t take out student loans in Ireland. You’ll find it difficult to get one to study abroad the US.

You wouldn’t be moving there. After completing your studies you would have to return to the US. The student visa only gives you permission to stay there for the duration of your studies

It is best to study medicine in the country which you intend to work in. You would need to take several exams when you return to the US. Contact your state’s medical board

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