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Question About US Visa Medical Exam Requirements

Ken asks…

Study a medical specialty in The US?


I have a brother that just finished a Bachelor’s degree in medicine in Mexico and is interested in studying a medical specialty in The US, specially cardiology. Does anybody have information about how hard it is to do this, the steps you have to take and how difficult it is to get a scholarship? He wants to go to the american embassy in Mexico to get information and his grades analyzed in order to the american equivalent of his mexican grades. His grades are not bad, he has like the equivalent of a B plus in the average of all the grades he got in the 5 years of his Bachelor’s.
I think he is doing the whole process wrong and that studying a medical major in The States is harder than he thinks. He also told me he needs a B1 visa to be allowed to work, but I am not sure if this is true.
Could you please help me with my doubts?

Thank you very much

Best Answer:

Most US Medical schools do not accept international students. And those that do accept very few of them. And the majority that do get accepted have done their Bachelor degree with an US university.

He would need to take the MCAT exam to apply to any US medical school. They do not offer scholarships. He would need to apply, be accepted, prove he can pay, then apply for a student visa.

He can go on any US medical school’s web site to read requirements to apply, how to apply and an online application.

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