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Question About US Visa Medical Examination

Carol asks…

Visa and medical examination Results?

I was wondering if someone in my family is trying to come to America and they have done all the forms and has done the medical test but if they TB will they be refused visa? They have started taking medication.. The person is going to the interview on may 3rd and I am afraid that they will not e granted visa. Please help and Thanks in Advance =D

Best Answer:

Wrong section.

It depends on the medication and the severity of the illness they are taking medication for. Taking sudafed for a cold or taking a daily allergy pill isn’t going to put a medical hold on a visa. Having cancer and taking a cancer cocktail WILL likely put a hold on a visa.

Basically the US wants to prevent sick individuals from coming into the country, getting sick, and saddling the taxpayers with $200,000 in medical bills before they die or fly back home. They also want to prevent contageous diseases that are fairly uncommon here in the US.

A person with a positive skin test will have to get a chest x-ray signed off on by a doc and have all the prescribed meds. The best thing for the family member to do is to contact the embassy and find out what the next step is.

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