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Question About US Visa Medical Examination

Ken asks…

How long is the validity of medical examination for US immigration?

i already have a valid immigrant visa to the US,had my medical june 2007 and i will travel to the states in may 2008,will they let me redo my medical when i get to the states?plz help

Best Answer:

I’m a little confused at your timeline. If you already have a valid immigrant visa, you must have already presented your medical results. You can’t get the visa until after you have had the medical. What medical are you referring to now? Have you been told you need to have another medical?

Also, you are aware, I’m sure, that after you have been granted your visa, you only have 6 months to move to the US before it expires. I only caution you because if you had a medical last June, you must have been close to being granted your visa, but that was nearly a year ago.

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