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Question About US Visa Medical Examination India

Daniel asks…

canada immigration medical refused?

hi i am jimmy from india
well i along with my family had undergone medical examination by DMP in india to go to canada
now the prob is tht my mother has to again undergo medical examination for knees chk up to acertain that whether she needs joint replacement surgury or not?
what can be done?…. do they refuse visa…. iff they tell US to undergo surgery then will they provide the visa because my mother is 58 diabetic and its really risky to undergo surgery when she can do her day -to day activities very smoothly. then why should she undergo surgery?
please HELP ME OUT…. WHAT CAN BE DONE WHAT SHOULD WE SAY …… IS THERE ANY LAW WHICH PERMITS US to undergo surgury in india only to assure canadian authorities that we’ll get it done in india only but not now as it is not required…..

Best Answer:

I think I understand your question.

The reason for a medical before entering Canada is that they need to understand any conditions that exist before entry.

What this means is that the socialized medical coverage any native-born Canadian is entitled to will not cover things that are pre-existing.

Therefore, for any problems your mother incurs that can be tracked back to her diabetes or her knee … You (and your family) will be on the hook to pay for, out of pocket, just as you would in the US. Expect surgery costs and hospital stays to run into the tens of thousands of dollars … And medicines to run to several hundred dollars per prescription.

The provincial health insurance will not help to defray any costs incurred in this instance.

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