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Question About US Visa Medical Examination

Mark asks…

US visa medical examination?

Has anyone actually been through this in the UK. I have looked on two official US government websites and they both say entirely different things.

Sensible and genuine answers only please.

Best Answer:

I had the medical in London.
First of all a nurse checked my BP and pulse and then transferred records of my vaccinations to a record for the doctor to sign. She gave me two of the injections I was missing (for a rather high fee).
I then had a chest X-ray to make sure I didn’t have TB. The X-ray tech told me at the time I had nothing to worry about once he checked the film.
When I saw the doctor she took a medical history, took blood to test for HIV and I believe Syphilis, then gave me a quick pysical, heart, lungs, breast check and finished up with a quick look in my underwear to make sure I was really female.
The worst thing was the bill.
If you can get your GP to agree then get your vaccinations in advance and take a copy of the doctors record for that as it will save you money. If you can’t prove you have had a vaccination then you need to have it done again. The exceptions for Britain are the TB vaccine and test as the BCG we get comes up as a +ve test for TN do they need to see proof you got your BCG.
I had a problem when I got here as I had chickenpox but the Civil Surgeon here demanded I prove it. It cost me over 200 pounds to get a blood test that showed I was telling the truth. My medical records didn’t go back that far. If you have had chickenpox ask your doctors surgery to put a note of it on your vaccination record. Whatever you have to pay your GP’s surgery to do this is well worth it.

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