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David asks…

Spanish Visa in Toronto?

I am an Indian citizen, PR in Canada. I have to travel to Barcelona next month and need a visa for that. I cant find the visa information online or any website for the consular office in Toronto. Really wierd because all consulates have information available online. Will I actually have to go to the consulate just to get the forms and info on required documents and then come back for the application? Anyone knows what all is required? And how long it takes? I will be travelling for work (for a week) so I guess it will be a business visa?

Best Answer:

You are right; Spain is one of the Schengen countries with the worst online information regarding to the visa requirements; some information on their website are based on the year of 2004 (when the Schengen zone consisted of 15 countries).

However since the Schengen visa application procedures are moreless standardized I would recommend to consult the website of the Spanish Consulate in Chicago which actually contains updated requirement information and adapt it to Canadian requirements [residence permit and currency-wise].
Http:// ..

Short stay business visa requirements

1. Schengen Visa application form, filled out in print and signed, and 3 photocopies. [as stated on the Spanish version of the Toronto Consulate]Á/VISADOS%20CORTA%20DURACIÓN/Paginas/Visados%20corta%20duración.aspx ..
Http:// ..
2. 2 recent passport photographs. [5×5 cm., colored and white background] Glue the original picture to each application form. [don’t staple it; they won’t accept it]
3. Regular passport or travel document, still valid for at least 6 more months with at least one blank page for the visa.

All documents listed below must be submitted originals and 1 photocopy:

4. Alien Registration Card or notarized copy of it, Residence Visa, Reentry Permit or other BCIS document allowing return to the US.
[in your case the Canadian residence permit]
5. Proof of financial means for the length of stay, at a minimum rate of $120 per day (i.e. Bank statement of the last three months). [120US$~130CA$]
6. Official itinerary or airplane ticket for the entire trip (in order to apply for the visa, you do not have to purchase the airplane ticket, but you must have a reservation showing confirmed names and dates of travel).
7. Confirmed hotel reservations or written notarized invitation from legal resident in Spain or proof of housing.
8. Written invitation from a business corporation or organization established in Spain or proof of trade/professional interests in Spain.
9. Employer’s statement about business or trade relationship with company in Spain, and professional purpose of applicant’s trip.
10. Written confirmation from insurance company of a valid health/accidental insurance with full international coverage in Spain and rest of Schengen countries with a minimum coverage of $37,000. Or Travel/accidental insurance coverage for the entire trip. [coverage required is €30,000 by Schengen law which amounts to ~CA$49,000]
11. Notarized letter of employment in the US (with salary and dates of employment). If self-employed, provide business license and tax return. [of course of employment in Canada in your case]
12. Non-refundable visa processing fee. [€60 in Canadian Dollars (CA$94.20) payable in cash or by money order, or certified check payable to the Consulate General of Spain]

You should apply for the visa as early as possible, since after the terrorist train attacks visa applications are decided in Spain after a thorough police record check which may take 4-6 weeks.

Good luck!

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