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Chris asks…

I need toreplace a passport by june 1st, How can I do this?

I am going on a 2 month long trip to Austrailia, Dubai, Europe and the US leaving June 1st. I thought I knew exactly where my passport was, however when I was getting my documents together I could not find it. I have spent the past few days searching EVERYWHERE it may have been, but can not find it. How can I have it replaced in time for my departure? Also, please don’t tell me to”check my last luggage” or where you found yours, frankly, I’ve looked everywhere it could be and even a few places it couldn’t. I need to replace it.

Best Answer:

You only can apply in person through one of the 18 Regional Passport Agencies in the country if you can prove that you travel within 14 days.
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In your case you should go to the nearest passport application facility (post office, country court clerk) and apply for replacing a lost passport using form DS-11 and DS-64.
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The expedited application will involve a fee of $135.00 payable to Department of States and of $25.00 payable to the application facility for administering the oath. It takes 2-3 weeks; you may consider to add $14.96 for overnight delivery by courier.
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Should you find your old passport after you have reported it lost and applied for a new one you canot use this passport any longer. It has been included in the U.S. Database of lost passports and the Visa Waiver Program countries Australia and in Europe have been notified as well.

To travel to Australia you need an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA, subclass 976). If you hold a valid ETA from previous travel (it is valid for a year) you cannot use it any more since it is linked to your passport number. You need to apply for a new ETA in this case which will involve a service fee of AU$20 to be paid online by credit card.
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