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James asks…

Should I marry my desperate Nigerian Friend to Help him come to the States? He is Desperate to Leave Nigeria.?

I’ve been communicating for about two years now with a Nigerian man I met online. I’ve spoken to him several times by phone. We have exchanged letters and pictures. He is young. So am I. He sounds very nice. He is a personal friend of a friend of mine (my hairdresser) here in the States. However, he really wants to come to the states. I really need the financial help he can give me once he arrives.

Should I do this. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

And please don’t bring up its against the law. Marriage is NOT against the law and I never said I didn’t have feelings for the guy. Geez.

Best Answer:

He won’t be able to give you any financial help as he won’t be able to work. To sponsor him as your spouse you will first have to go to Nigeria to meet him, then return home to file a K1 fiance visa with USCIS. He cannot travel to the US to marry you before you do this. It doesn’t matter what country he is from. You cannot get a visa to marry someone foreign if you have never met in person. The government does not recognize internet relationships. You are the one who is going to have to be earning over $18k a year and file an affadavit of support making you financially responsible for him for the next 10 years, even if the marriage breaks down.
Once his K1 is approved (this will take about 9 months as he’s from a high risk country for marriage fraud) you then have to marry within 90 days. After you marry, you will have to file an Adjustment of Status to a spouse visa, then apply for his Employment Authorization. So he’s not even going to be able to start looking for work until he has this, which will be several months after you marry. You’ll also have to spend about $5000 total in the various filing fees, more if you use a lawyer

The process for the fiance visa is explained here

But you first have to go to Nigeria to meet him in person and take lots of pictures as proof you have met or your application will be rejected. He cannot come to the US until you have gone to visit him then return home and start the K1 process

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