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Carol asks…

How do these Ghanian dating scams work? Family friend involved..?

Ok, so I have a family friend (male) who believes he’s in love with this African lady. He’s already sent her money, $100 here and there, money to ‘charge up her phone’ (whatever that means), and money to renew her passport. While talking to him about it today, these things just seemed a bit odd to me, but I was never really aware of all these scams happening in Ghana. I’ve heard of the Nigerian ones, but not Ghanian.. sooo I tried to tell him that she was probably only after him to get her green card (he wants to fly her out here and marry her), but he insists he believes she won’t do that to him – he said if it happens, it’ll be on him but he needs to follow his heart (barf). Anyway, how do these work? Who is actually behind it? He even got the international plan on his iPhone and racked up his bill to $700+ talking to her so he’s been speaking to a woman, but do they really intend on coming out here to marry? He said he’s buying the actual plane ticket from Accra to his home airport, not giving her the money for the ticket, so… what else could she do with that? She can’t take advantage of the money since he’s buying the ticket. Do they actually come out here? Do they just use people to wire them money here and there and that’s it, or do they actually go through with these travel plans and whatnot? From what I’ve been researching for the past hour, it seems to meet all the criteria of a scam even though I don’t know everything completely (what their conversations consist of, etc.). He showed me a picture of her passport that she supposedly renewed after he wired her the money… it looks completely photoshopped. I’m very familiar with the LOOK of passports, not necessarily those in different countries, but the whole thing looks like a photoshopped picture, it doesn’t even look like they tried to make it look like it came from an actually passport book. What do I need to know in order to convince him NOT to spend almost $2,000 on a stupid plane ticket for this supposed soon-to-be wife?
Thing is, he actually texts and talks to this girl on the phone all the time.. so he’s convinced she is who she says she is. I told him all this info, gave him sites to look at and he says he’s still going to take his chances.. if he buys a plane ticket for this woman, will she actually use it or what? She can’t get a refund on it or anything can she, if he was the one that bought it?

Best Answer:

ANY time a person you meet online asks for money for any reason, it’s a SCAM. It doesn’t matter what country they are from. It’s ALWAYS a scam if you are asked for money for ANYTHING.

Ghana is the capital of online romance scams, so common even the US Embassy has an entire page devoted to these scams telling Americans NOT to send money to anyone the met online
A single Ghanaian woman has ZERO chance of ever getting a visa to the US
While Nigeria is known for other online scams like fake lotteries, fake inheritance, etc, Ghana is especially known for romance scams

Unless HE has filed a K1 fiancé visa with USCIS, she cannot come to the US to marry. That’s called marriage fraud and he could be jailed for up to 5 years and fined $250,000. The ONLY way for a foreigner to come to the US to marry is if the AMERICAN citizen fiancé files the visa. It doesn’t matter what country the other person is from. It’s the same if they are German or Canadian or Japanese. So if HE did not file a K1 visa application with USCIS she cannot come to marry him. That would constitute marriage fraud.

A single email to (The US Embassy email) will verify this “girl” has not even applied for a visa

He is just throwing away money

If he refuses to listen to you, call your local FBI field office and report a family member is victim of an African romance scam and has lost thousands of dollars. They will send an agent to speak to him to confirm he’s been scammed

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