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Robert asks…

How do I know if he is tricking me?

I met this guy online from facebook and he lives in lagos Nigeria he is a minister he and I been talking for a year now and he says he wants to marry me but he has a visa but no money for the ticket to get to usa . he wants me to send money so he can come here to America and marry me. what should I do

Best Answer:

Of course it’s a scam. ANY time anyone you only know online asks for money for ANY reason it’s a SCAM. There are NO exceptions. It doesn’t matter if he’s from Nigeria, Norway or Nebraska. Anyone asking for money is always a scam

And he’s lying for several reasons
1 – there is NO way to get a visa to the US unless the applicant has proven to the US Embassy that they have enough money to cover ALL travel expenses (flight, visa, accommodations, insurance, passport, spending money, food, etc) without ANY outside assistance. He is required to submit his last 12 months of both pay stubs and bank statements to prove he has adequate funds earned through legal employment and has not received money from anyone else. There is NO way he has a visa if he doesn’t have money for a plane ticket – that’s the first requirement of getting a visa. If he hasn’t shown the US Embassy that he can afford his ticket and all other expenses, there is NO way he has a visa. Financial independence and adequate funds is the first requirement to get a US visa.
2 – unless YOU filed a K1 fiance visa with USCIS there is NO way he can come and marry you. That would be considered marriage fraud which would result in him being deported and banned from entering the US for 10 years and you being arrested and sentenced to up to 5 years in federal prison and paying up to $250,000 in fines. So unless you filed a visa, there is NO way he can come and get married to you. For an American to marry a foreigner in the US, the US citizen MUST file a K1 visa with USCIS. The foreigner does not do this – the American does. The foreign fiance has to wait in his country until they are called by the US Embassy for their interview which will take 6-9 months from the time you file. Again this process is the same whether they are from Nigeria or Japan or Australia or any other country. The process is exactly the same – the US citizen fiance must file the visa, not the foreigner

Want to prove it’s a scam – write back to him to say that you have spoken to an immigration lawyer who advised that he cannot come and you cannot get married because you have not filed a K1 fiance visa to allow you to get married. Also say that the lawyer has already spoken to the US Embassy in Nigeria who said they have NO record of anyone by his name even applying for a US visa, let alone being granted one. Say that you urgently need him to send a copy of his visa so you can pass on to your lawyer so he can file the fiance visa on your behalf. Also say that you cannot send him money for his ticket or the visa application will be rejected – he has to pay for everything himself and you’ll reimburse him in cash once he gets to the US. Say that you cannot send him any money or he won’t be able to come to the US. He has to pay for everything himself and you’ll give him cash to pay him back after he gets to the US so it’s all legal. Then wait for the next excuse why he needs money – maybe he will get robbed, or in a car accident, or have a heart attack, or some other fake excuse why you need to send money

You NEVER send money to anyone you meet online, no matter how well you think you know them. If you want to pay for anything, you reimburse them in cash AFTER they arrive in the US, NEVER before

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