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James asks…

Will I be asked about previous rejection of visa in form?

I am applying for a student visa from India to study in a UK college. I was rejected for a student visa last year to US. Will that diminish my chances of getting a visa to UK this year? And in the UK visa application form do they ask if I was ever refused a visa to another country than UK?
Thank You.

Best Answer:

In the Immigration History Section of the UK online visa application form you will be asked the following yes/no questions:

▬ Have you ever been refused a visa for any country?

▬ Have you ever been deported, removed, or otherwise required to leave another country?

I recommend to answer the questions truthfully.

Your chances to get a visa approved depend on your socio-economical standings and the assessment whether you will try to immigrate illegally or whether you will return home once your visa expires.

Hard to answer without knowing more details..

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