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Mary asks…

Singapore multiple entry visa. Indian citizen, green card holders?


I am an Indian passport holder resident in the US (green card holder). My wife and I are planning a two week long trip to Singapore, with 1-2 short trips outside SG in that duration. My brother is a permanent resident in Singapore.

However, the visa that I received explicitly only says “Single Journey” even though I know I specified multiple entry in my application. We had a long conversation with the person in the local mission (Miami) and she said that this is all that Singapore will issue. We just have to arrive at the ICA checkpoint and take our chances that they will give US a multiple entry visit pass.

Has anyone had this experience? It makes no sense since we cannot plan any other trip until we reach there.

BTW, I have been to Singapore in 2009 and was granted a one year multiple entry visa then.
Edit: I have explicitly mentioned in my question that I applied for multiple entries. At no point am I complaining about visa fees, nor was it ever an issue. It would be helpful if people actually read the question before posting rude replies.

Best Answer:

Your brother as a PR can apply for a visa for you online through ICA’s “SAVE” system. Doing it this way, with your brother as a local sponsor, would be more likely to result in getting a multiple entry visa than applying through the Miami consulate.

I suggest you ask your brother to apply online for a multiple journey entry visa for you. If it is successful then use that for your travels, if not then you still have your single journey visa.

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