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Sandra asks…

I want to move to Canada, I am a British citizen and have a US residency. What kind of visa do I need?

Do I need to apply for residency? Are British citizens automatically allowed residency?? As much info as possible will be useful.

Best Answer:

Hi Heehee,

My name is George, I work for a private immigration firm in Toronto. On my spare time, I like to answer questions here at Yahoo Answers.

British citizens are not automatically allowed residency, they must follow the same process as everyone else.

Your question is very vague. Let me explain: there are many ways to acquire residency in Canada. If you have a university degree, a few years work experience, and good command of one of Canada’s official language, then you should consider the Skilled Worker Application.

If you have a spouse or common-law partner who is Canadian, then you could have him (or her) sponsor you to immigrate.

If you lack one of these things, then you could consider getting a work permit. The tough part about this process is to get an employer to hire you.

I’m giving you three links to help you out. The first is the link to our homepage: . We also have a general video about Canadian immigration, which can be found at: .Finally, if you wish to post your resume online you can do so at .

Do not hesitate to call US at (416)962-2623

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