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William asks…

Travelling form toronto to karachi through instanbul, what do i need if i want to stay there for a day?

I have a flgiht from toronto to karachi thorugh instanbul , i am interested in staying there for a day and see instabul as well through my journey, i have a PR card . How and where will i get the visa from and what else do i need to do

Best Answer:

For a straightforward answer you should have hold US your nationality. Canada is an OECD member country; Canadian PR card holders of most countries can apply for an e-visa online; fee US$20.

Visa requirements by country: ..
E-Visa application: ..

To enter Turkey with the e-visa you need:
• proof of onward travel (flight booking confirmation)
• proof of accomodation (hotel reservation)
• sufficient funds to cover your stay (at least US$50 per day)

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